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Grouping of People into Categories

  • danf


    I’ve seen mention of this in past, and there may be a plugin floating around (if there is, can you point in in right direction), but wanted to see whether anyone else is going down the path of being able to segregate people within the buddypress social network by categories.

    Example: I want to create 1 install of buddypress for sports fans(Im actually doing a different topic, but sports is easier to understand I think). When you sign up, you select which sports you are interested in and plan to blog about and/or participate in group discussions.

    Then, based on the categories of sports you select, I want to be able to show you only blogs, users, groups, forums, etc of other people who have also selected a sport you have selected.

    So, if you don’t care about hockey, then you don’t really see any hockey blogs, users, etc.

    I know I could set up multiple buddypress installs for each sport, but then you would have to have completely different environments to switch from sport to sport – I don’t want to seperate out the communities – I just want to organize it better with categories.

    Thoughts from anyone else trying to do that, or how I could accomplish it.

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  • takuya


    There’s wpmu plugin to categorize members, but not for buddypress. The code is GPL, so you shouldn’t have problems porting it work with bp. Visit wpmudev.



    This seems interesting. Where was that wpmu plugin to categorize members? Because I was thinking of implementing this on my site as well. My bp site is about mma, and I want to make separate categories for fighters, fans, and trainers. This seems like a pretty hard thing to do.I hope someone can shed some light on this. :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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