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Group/Profile Layout

  • neuromancer2701


    It seems to me that the Group/Profile layout is kind of cluttered.

    There is the “ME” column, the “My …..” column, the Group column then the group itself.

    Personal I would like the group or whatever material that I have selected to be the focal point of the screen.

    Right now, the columns take up about a third of the screen even more if the browser windows is smaller. How do you change the column layout and clean it up a bit?



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  • wordpressfan


    Exactly my point. I prefer the profile page designs chosen by and – they’ve removed the “Me” and “My Profile” columns in favor of a sub-menu in one case and base data under the former “Me” column in another.

    Are there any examples of how BuddyPress sites are diverting from the default profile styling?



    I kinda think this looks weird/bad too, I love the standard way of communities too just focus on what you just clicked. I’ve been trying to find a solution to get rid of those 3 columns. But nothing so far.

    I did saw a site a few weeks ago that looked like facebook while being build on buddypress. Would be nice if buddypress changes to this or at least provides an option to do this.

    Edit: I found something great, These buddypress themes are exactly what I’m looking for. I can’t test them right now, but if they work with the newest buddypress then this would be a solution for me.

    It’s fairly simple. If you don’t like an aspect of the default theme, edit it. The new theme architecture in BP 1.1 makes this easier than ever. I suspect over the remainder of the year we’ll see more BP themes being released.

    If aren’t familar with how WordPress themes work, there are lots of documentation online and there are always people you can hire to create one for you.

    All of this has been discussed on this site many times before.



    Actually I think it’s a pretty good starting point. It may use up a lot of space, but it provides a perfect user experience and shows what the optionsbar and the userbar do.

    I don’t think it’s Andy’s task to come up with the perfect design.

    So, if I don’t get you wrong there are plenty of possibilities/options to change that or get rid of the navigation with a little css and html knowledge.

    Edit: I was slower than you DJPaul…



    Changing width is simple even if you don’t know CSS. We have Google and it tells us everything about CSS when we need it. All you need is firefox with firebug to find out css properties.

    Don’t like? Change it! :)



    I did this with 1.0 but had lots of problems with compatibility problems with IE. I’m looking forward to rebuild 1.1 to a horizontal menu. If possible I’ll change it so that the userbar/optionsbar gets integrated in other parts of the page. I’ve got a website focused on forums and P2-twitter-esque functionality.

    But I haven’t got that much time on my hands so perhaps I can find a developer for it.



    I would like to have my “userbar” and “optionsbar” to be organized horizontally.

    Exactly the same as here at

    Any advise how to quickly adapt the CSS for achieving this ?

    Thanks a lot !



    I would love to figure out how to remove the ‘me’ bar when looking at other peoples profiles. I can’t seem to figure this out! Any ideas? Maybe in the roadmap?

    Cheers :)



    chewbaker, it’s not really the job of a develper to supply the perfect theme to go with the software. Everybody wants something different anyways. Andy has created a brilliant starting point with the default theme and I don’t think it should be changed. He’s made it even easier to change things with the use of a parent theme, so I’m pretty confident that it’s not on any roadmap :)

    BP is still in it’s beginnings. With time you will see a lot more child themes and probably a few parent themes from other people that might do exactly what you want. Either you wait for that to happen or you get your hands dirty and dive into the simplicity that is CSS. There’s loads of tutorials available on the net and a few really good ebooks that can get you started (search for o’reilly, for example).

    As for your question, the two navigation bars are in files called userbar.php (the ‘me’ bar) and optionsbar.php. In the parent theme the call to these files are to be found in header.php all the way at the bottom surrounded by an if statement that tells the system to only display it on certain pages. You could move all three files to your child theme, delete the complete if statement in header.php and then include the call to userbar.php and optionsbar.php wherever you want them to appear. Any file you modify, though, you have to copy over to your child theme.

    Happy experimenting!



    Thanks for the advice…I guess. I feel like I was being scolded for asking a question… anyway.

    First off, I think the work Andy and the gang did to make Buddy Press is brilliant. Which is why I picked it over other social site options.

    Second, I know it is still in the beginning stage and totally look forward to all the themes and plugins to come. Another reason I picked Buddy Press.

    Third, thanks for the advice of where the calls were for the user and options bar. I have managed to remove the me bar from profile pages.

    Again thanks,




    Greetings folks! Sorry to drag up an old topic. Please don’t shoot me. A few things for my first post:

    1. Buddypress ROCKS. I wasted loads of time messing around with Elgg (fell for the hype). Buddypress is a million times better, straight out of the zip file.

    2. I agree that the layout can be improved, but if you don’t customise your OpenSource site, it will look like everyone else’s, right?

    3. Let me know if I am doing this right – I decided to change the layout of the user profile page. I went into wp-content/themes/bp-sn-parent/profile/index.php and just shifted relevant chunks of code around. Hardly difficult even for an amateur, and I’m pleased with the results. Is this the right way to go or are you supposed to do it some other way? Seems to me the final layout is hardcoded in this file, and this must be the place to mess around with the code.

    4. If the above is right (remember I went through Elgg paaain, nothing there is as it seems) then any educated monkey can make his own theme or at least mangle the default into something he likes :) I would even have a go at it myself… who knows, one day I may become a household name…

    5. Plugins… please, please, write plugins, fix the broken ones, make some cool ones like ‘how you’re connected’ and all that nonsense. Gallery. Ajax for posting to walls. Can’t we call it a wall and not a wire, ’cause my users are not alternative social networking freaks and don’t have a clue why it’s called wire. Buddypress is the future of opensource social networks, Elgg is for losers ;) Half the Elgg ‘plugins’ crash your site on activation, one made my PC have a nervous breakdown (running locally) and it’s slow and stupidly convoluted. If I could get my head round the way they work I’d write my own… but I can’t yet :)

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