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Groups: group admin should be able to add a value related to group member

  • sven1988xyz



    I´m searched endless hours and didn´t found anything to solve my problem. Hope a lot that you can help me.

    I want to give the admins of every group the possibility to enter a value related to a specific user in his group.
    Background is that I want to create a gaming clan network and I want to organize the clans as groups. So the admin should be able to set a custom “role” (not with any permissions or anything like that, only a value related to the specific user) for each user.

    I checked dozens of plugins to find one where a group admin is able to set something for a group member to customize it because I´m not much into php. But I couldn´t find anything useful.

    Next idea was to hook into the “Promote to”-function, so I can use the already existing structure and adding “only” some custom statuses without any further permissions. But I can´t get it to work, if I´m changing anything related to this in my functions.php, or even direct in the BuddyPress/src/bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php, the website is broken. :´-(

    The perfect solution would be a possibility for every group admin to enter a custom value related to a specific user of his group in the members area in group management.

    In example
    User Set rank
    Testuser [textfield]
    Testuser 2 [textfield]

    But also every other working solution would be also perfect.

    I want to display the rank then under the username in the group members page and on the members profile under groups. That shouldn´t be a problem. I have only no idea how to give the admin of a group the possibility to save a value related to an user of his group. The value must be saved in the group because the user should be able to choose more than one group, so it doesn´t make much sense to save it in the user database I think.

    Any idea how I can get this to work? I was really surprised and dissapointed that I couldn´t find anything like this.

    Thanks a ton already.

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  • sven1988xyz


    Or is there maybe a way to sync the members of a Buddypress Group with for example the plugin “Groups”? So the group admin is able to change user role in this group in the backend?

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