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Groups Home Theme Dependency

  • gogoplata


    It appears that somewhere between r599 and r638 some sort of dependency was added to the groups component so that group pages will only display when the buddypress-home theme is active on the main site.

    I currently run a custom home theme on my BP install but have the buddypress-home and buddypress-member themes installed. Previously the group pages worked without a problem and were displayed as expected using the buddypress-member theme styling. However, since upgrading the entire install to r638 attempting to access any group page ( results in just a white page when the custom theme is active. If, however, I switch to the buddypress-home theme everything displays correctly. I’ve analyzed the source for the page as well as the Trac and BuddyPress code for the group page but can’t find what might be causing it.

    I’ve been looking for a few hours for the cause of this but have been unsuccessful and was hoping someone could help out or point me in the right direction.

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  • Hmm I will look into this one.

    Burt Adsit


    Ahhh, I’m not quite following you.

    1) You have a theme running on your wpmu root blog that isn’t the bp home theme.

    Wait a minute. Cancel that. It’s just that your bp member theme isn’t displaying at all for anything? Somewhere along the way the bp member theme install location got moved to ../wp-content/member-themes/

    I don’t remember exactly which rXXX number though. It was fairly recently though.

    Check the install readme.txt if that’s the case.

    Or is that not your problem? I’m kinda hazy on what isn’t displaying using what theme.

    When you access the URL,, then all of those use the plugin-template.php file to call the theme’s header, trigger some actions and then call that theme’s footer.

    That is working for me. I don’t use those directory listings on my wpmu root blog but they work and I’m running a non-bp home theme.

    Seemed to work ok for me. Are you sure you’ve upgraded all files including the member-theme?



    My install is at if anyone wants to check it out. Everything was fine until between 599 and 638. I already did the move from /themes/ to /member-themes/ so that’s not the issue.

    Prior to upgrading everything was displaying perfectly in a custom theme but when I upgraded my custom member theme wasn’t compatible with the upgrades so I reverted to the stock buddypress-member theme. That fixed nearly everything but for some reason the group pages aren’t displaying. is displaying fine (I know, the styling is off) but none of the group pages will show, for example

    Group pages appear to be the only thing affected as other components, such as profiles and messaging, are working.

    Thanks for the help!



    Yeah Andy, I’ve deleted the theme directory and re-uploaded a clean version several times but with no luck. I also did the same thing with the plugin files as I had some customizations previously and thought one of them might be conflicting, but that also didn’t solve it.

    Could it possibly be conflicting with another plugin? My plan was to next start removing plugins one at a time to see if any of them were causing the problem, but it seems odd that something would affect something so specific.

    Can you turn on error reporting to see what the error is?



    While I was going about turning on error reporting I decided to try to remove my custom member theme from the /member-themes/ so that the only theme in the directory was the default /buddypress-member/ theme and the problem was fixed.

    Through a little bit of testing it seems that none of the member themes, active or inactive, should have the same name as the WPMU themes. After initially deleting the custom theme I re-uploaded it and the problem came back as expected, however renaming it to something unique made the problems disappear.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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