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Groups issue

  • Rene Streber


    Hi support team, recently posted this issue one week ago, but may be in the wrong forum. Hope you can help me.

    I’m using Buddypress (version
    All the groups in my community are displayed in the group list/directory but unfortunately I’m not able to open to the single group pages as well as create a new group. In both cases, the error 404 is presented.
    I recently installed the new Boss Theme (version 1.1.5) on my homepage but it is the same problem as a tried it with the former theme (buddyboss version 4.1.9).
    The permalink structure is based on the post name: it is like (as example for single group page)
    The support team of the buddyboss theme considered a slug issue or another hierarchical issue
    Additionally, we are translating some of the *.po files of buddypress into german. Could this be a reason? I reran the original language file in ( but the problem still exists.
    Buddypress runs in conjunction with bbpress (2.5.7), and buddypress…private activity (1.3.6), follow (1.2.1), wall (0.9.4), group documents (
    Wordpress version 4.2.1

    kind regards, René

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  • danbp


    Hallo @rene-streber,

    First of, i would recommend that you revert to a basic WP install using 2014 or 2015 theme and the WP’s german language activated and all plugins deactivated.

    If you have a local install, suggest you do your test on it instead of the prod site.

    Once this is done, you activate BuddyPress. German language will automatically be uploaded to the right folder (wp-content/languages/plugins/
    The original translation is here. It is complete to 100%. (and also the official translation).
    FYI deckerweb provides a translation for bp 1.9 & 1.9.1. So seems to me it is outdated now.

    Check if anything is correctly übersetzt. Theoretish sollte es jetzt funktionnieren.

    If ok, you activate the main theme. Recheck everything. If ok, reactivate your plugins one by one and check each step to isolate an issue, if ever.

    If everything is correct again, you can handle the specifics for your homepage. But remind one thing: BuddyPress components use a page system which is only in for internal purpose. This means that you can’t apply a page model like for an usual WP page. And if you use a special template just for the homepage, you have to adjust it to work with BuddyPress.

    Each activated BP component should have a page assigned. And this page must be unique and empty, whithout any template or model settings, just a title.

    I see that you have some issue with page names in your menu. Button show community2 and the permalink contains community-4. Check this too, to get community only everywhere. And probably clear your trash as it may contain some duplicates from previous attempts.

    Once this is cleaned, und mit klarer aussicht, simply resave your permalinks to reinitialize all links.

    Rene Streber


    I deactivated all plugins,
    I checked all permalinks,
    activated the twenty four theme from wordpress instead of the Boss theme (language looked fine),
    activated buddypress (language looked fine, everything is correctly translated)

    activated the BOSS Theme (language is not 100% translated:
    examples: active, all groups, my groups, group has xx members, newly created etc. is not translated
    although we installed the newest german translation (mo/po in wp-content/languages/plugins)

    The same translation problem exists with sidewide activity as well as member directory (here all members, my friends in English)

    For groups (; parent is community, template is default)
    For members (; parent is community, template is default)

    404 error if I try to open any group with wordpress or with the boss theme

    I did not run the last steps, because the issue is still present.

    Ps Every buddypress component has its own unique page


    Rene Streber


    may be another hint to resolve this issue

    Boss theme activitated:
    when I’m on the group component (directory) page
    the firefox tab shows me “group” but the url is community/gruppen (in german)
    it doesn’t fit

    another Wordpess Theme activated:
    when I’m on the group component (directory) page
    the firefox tab shows me “gruppen” but the url is community/gruppen (in german)
    it does fit



    Apparently the issue is clearly related to Boss theme, no ?
    You have to ask on the theme support, support is included in the licence price and we haven’t free access, so it’s difficult to help you. Sorry.

    I suspect the theme to not use some very recent modification around localization. Since BP 2.0 many strings where enhanced with translators ready comments and somme other little details, like points or comas.

    As example, my groups (x) is coded My Groups <span>%s</span> in BP 2.2
    As you say it’s not translated, this means that the original (theme) code is wrong.
    Could be My groups <span>%s</span> or my groups <span>%</span> (lower case, missing ‘s’)…
    Verify this for each string.
    Compare the result between buddypress.pot and what you see in theme’s source.

    Other common issue example. Groups is not translated on My Profile sub nav menu.

    Actually, BP use this in bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php
    'title' => _x( 'Groups', 'My Account Activity sub nav', 'buddypress' )

    Not so long in the past, it was
    'title' => __( 'Groups', 'buddypress' )

    The important thing for gettext to work, is the difference between _x and __ !

    Updating a theme or plugin to fetch those kind of details is a time consuming detail work. An the devil is in details… and custom themes use custom functions or complex template overloads.

    But at least, you know where and what to control now. 😉

    Rene Streber


    So back to buddypress forum 😉

    First of, it is working again but I created a new page without a parent (first level) and allocated the group component to that new page.

    The old page was at a second level and as I told you, had the same issue to open the single groups with another theme.

    Now it is also working with new Boss Theme!

    Thanks for your quick support!

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