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groups pagination not found – after server move

  • djsteveb


    Had to move site, fresh install of wp 4.1 and BP 2.1.1 – a few plugins and then imported the sql database from other server and wpcontent uploads.. got most things working, but groups pagination is failing.

    on groups page click on the number 2 or 3 (shows url when hover mysite dot com/groups/?grpage=2&num=20 )

    page scrolls to top, hides currently listed groups, and then shows “There were no groups found.”

    I can select sort by “alphabetical” and it shows a different set of groups.. then click pagination, same fail.

    Using the “Wind Theme” from wp repo – but same fail occurs with twenty-fifteen and twenty fourteen.

    Tried changing permalinks and then back.. still no change.

    Something else need to be done when transferring a site in this way? If I create a new group will this reset some search tables or something? Not sure why this pagination fails, but the members page pagination seems to work.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    Hmm. Just to check — this used to work fine on your site before its move?




    pagination itself has nothing to do with the DB. bp-options contains only the number of items to show per page.

    Do you use a custom pagination loop in bp-custom.php or child-theme’s functions.php ?
    Or any other custom function related to groups ?
    Did you checked your server error log ?
    Have you some js or css errors ?
    Try to modify the number of groups per page to show on the group directory. From 15 to 5 for example.
    Or try to enter the url like this: mysite dot com/groups/?grpage=2&num=7



    @djpaul – I’m not sure if it was working on the previous server; I THINK something related to mod_sec settings on that server was causing problems for the site, so I had to move it. Weird things started happening… changing widgets order would not save properly (found a work around by entering accessibility mode in screen options) – also custom menu settings would not add pages to the custom menu – could not figure out why.. so moved to new server.. now widgets save and stuff.

    @danbp – I do use a bp-custom to make a user’s profile default show their profile instead of activity tab. (Wish I knew how to get rid of the “BASE” showing there!) – but I don’t think anything else is doing any custom pagination loop stuff in bp-custom or theme functions or anything.

    not seeing anything in server error log.

    not sure how to check for css or js errors.. like using the w3c validator? or is this a java console debugger thing I have heard about?

    Not sure what to put, my_bp_activities_per_page_5_on_groups_activity (would that be the proper first line of the code? (or where (bp-custom?) – to modify groups display. Trying to understand that page you referenced and the trac codes.

    when I tried adding – it does show a new page of groups, but only displays 2 groups, yet under that is says “Viewing 8 – 14 of 211 groups ” – strange.



    Do you really have 211 groups ?
    Can you provide a site URL ?



    @danbp – It’s an adults only thing, so if non-clothed imagery or alternative sensuality discussions and media could be offensive, then please don’t click over.. s ex c hat s pa ce DOT com/groups/

    If you do check it out, I appreciate it. This bp install has been driving me nuts all week. I spent about 30 hours going back and forth with the other server co tech people trying to figure out what was blocking the ajax save for widgets and stuff.. found out that mod_sec was blocking some wp-admin things… and then found an article that said some server caching setups are blocking some wp/dp ajax save things (caching php) – moving to a different host, I am relieved all those problems seem to have gone away – most everything is working now..



    So bp dot org hates words with s and E and x – I keep getting: “ERROR: Your reply cannot be created at this time.” When trying to post comments around here.. happened when I was trying to suggest couples and singles categories on someone else’s dating site thread.

    and it may not be obvious how to put together the spaced out thing above.
    maybe this tinyurl with work



    I’m unable to get groups correctly and don’t now why.
    If you have a local copy of this site, i suggest to test it deeply.
    I suspect your chat is the culprit as it uses a lot of js and mainly is external to WP. Other one who can be problematic is BP Media.

    Anyway, the first thing to do, is to get WP and BP working correctly together.
    You have to revert back to this initial setup, ensure it works than add your plugins one by one.



    @danbp Thanks for looking, I was going crazy wondering if I missed something!

    Tried a few things. Ended up in wp-admin dashboard, clicked on groups, then next page, got “nothing found” – so my admin dashboard shows like 211 groups.. but only 9 or so are showing.

    I went into phpmyadmin and find that in the wp_bp_groups table, only 9 groups have name, slug, and description.. all the other groups have an ID and creator ID – but everything else is blank, and the date created field are all zeros for those. Checked the other server and it looks the same in phpmyadmin – so looks like a database fail.

    I’m going to hunt for old backups.. but in the event of just cutting losses…

    Should I go through phpmyadmin and just delete all the table rows that appear as mostly blank?
    Would I also need to edit anything in wp_bp_groups_groupmeta or wp_bp_groups_members ?

    anything in users files or others that are tied to groups that would need to be fixed?

    since the wo-admin dashboard can not find the other groups (202 of 211) – I can’t delete the groups from there.. maybe it would be better to put some kind of info in the tables that is missing, get wp- to recognize the groups and then delete from the dashboard to be cleaner?

    Wow.. sql database messed up and I don’t even know how (or when!)



    Also there seems to be an issue with Group Activity on the Group Home.

    Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.

    Even though updates are posted in the Single Group. Testing this on Local Install using TwentyFifteen Theme.



    Have you tried to use BP repair tools ?
    dashboard > tools > buddypress

    Ritesh Patel


    Yes, I am having same issue as @julianprice reported and it’s in BuddyPress 2.2-beta version.



    @danbp — thanks for the heads up with that bp repair tool screen, after all these years I have never known about / seen that.

    Ran the five available tools there,

    Counting the number of friends for each user… Complete!
    Counting the number of active members on the site… Complete!
    Repopulating Blogs records… Complete!
    Counting the number of groups for each user… Complete!
    Determining last activity dates for each user… Complete!

    and still have the same problem with 211 groups showing via front end, yet only 9 have the needed data in database to display properly.

    here is a mashup screen grabs of those database tables
    (not 100% accurate – screens not captured at once unfortunately)

    no idea how this happened.. I assume my last host had some disk trouble or something and things got screwey.

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