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Guidance on picking a theme

  • JennWin


    I’m trying to avoid issues from the get go – this will be my first ‘poke’ at buddypress and Im anxious to learn how to harness it. Im building a magazine type site where we will have 3 -4 regular contributors, but i want to have a community section to it where members can rate new products and add content of their own to it. So having said that I really like the wordpress Leaf theme, but I am not at all sure if making buddypress work with it is possible. So what I am asking is for suggestions that some more experienced users may have as far as how I can go about choosing a theme that will suit my needs. I just want to get it up and functioning successfully with minimal coding etc if possible. A million thanks!

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  • Ben Hansen


    well most any theme should be able to incorporate buddypress content/pages but obviously a theme which is designed with buddypress in mind has the potential for a far more seamless user experience. in the next version of buddypress theme modification may not even be necessary for most themes, but again i would tend to go for a theme which takes advantage of buddypress’s additional functionality.

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