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Hacking bp-default’s header image

  • I’m working on a child theme of bp-default and I am trying to hack into the theme the ability for the admin to upload any number of previously sized images to be used as a rotating header. I have been trying to hack in the Featured Images functionality of the Flexx theme. I have it to the point where the backend stuff is working in that I see the Featured Images menu, it allows me to upload a file, etc (the options don’t save but I think I can figure that out). What I can’t seem to find is where the header image for bp-default is set. I see something in the CSS but what if I upload a new image? Is that image being saved with the name used in the CSS and as such it is what is displayed or am I just blind? I’ve been through header.php and don’t see where there is a call to load a custom header image.

    Also, is this the best way to go about this? Is there an easier way to create a bp-default child theme that allows you to upload multiple images to be rotated as the header image? Has someone already done something like this?

    Thanks for any help and sorry if this is in the wrong group.

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  • Have a look at bp_dtheme_add_custom_header_support() in the default theme’s functions.php.

    Thanks Paul. I tried to put bp_dtheme_add_custom_header_support() in my child theme’s functions.php and got a big old “can’t redeclare error.” So I’ll need to copy all the header functions, rename them, modify as needed, add define( ‘BP_DTHEME_DISABLE_CUSTOM_HEADER’, true ); to the child theme’s functions.php, and track down where the Header menu for the theme is being generated and disable it. Does that sound about right?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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