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Has Anybody Found a Definitive Solution for Spammer-Splogger Registrations?

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  • kkradel


    I’ve decided to manually register users as they sign up. It is the kludgiest of solutions, but I’d rather spend my time registering good folks that hours seeking out and deleting bad.

    why not use recaptha for registration?



    The problem with recapcha is that armies of sad poor people are filling out spam registrations correctly and then passing them over to bots to do the dirty work.

    Jose Conti


    Hi @drwebstein

    Try again WangGuard (

    We have added several detection systems to WangGuard server.

    Now blocks 99’99% splog



    I have tried everything A to Z to stop spam registration. They all work for a while, but as the site grows it is overwhelmed. I think David100351 is correct people fill out the registration and hand it to bot drones. If anyone has successfully got this under control for a big site let me know as it makes it more work than it is worth.
    WordPress is brilliant with anti-spam but have not had the same results with Buddypress. I am thankful for all the work people have done with BuddyPress and know they will say it is an MU problem, but I just want to use BuddyPress without spending so much time fighting spam. Anyone else tried wangguard?



    It’s not an easy fix. You need various plugins to block spam but as stated above people are earning pennies to sign up to blogs. Best defense is a strong offense. Do as much as you can. Spam is a fact of life when running social sites.

    Install my BuddyPress verified plugin and you can easily manage your spam accounts. I’m adding a feature in the next update that will deactivate an account automatically if that account posts too much if they are too new.

    Core BP committer Paul is adding askimet filtering to the activity stream. Everyone knows spam is an issue and it’s being dealt with as best it can.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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