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Has anyone actually gotten BP to work ok?

  • thoughtsandmore


    I installed WordPress 3.1.1 with BP, and I wanted to make a nice community site which allows users to share videos and images.

    The idea is nice, however I am having a very hard time finding some nicer themes for BP, there just isn’t much out there? Also, the themes that I have, even the default theme, isn’t great – some things don’t run properly, and I am annoyed by the inconsistency of user registration and login pages.

    Has anyone actually found a relatively easy solution to get BP to work like one of the sample sites?

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  • Marcos Nobre


    there is no magic pill… I been at it for over a month…. Im pretty happy with the theme I created but its taking a lot of work…. I might start making Premium BP themes for sale soon…



    How possible is it to actually have a consistent website?



    It seems to me that Pligg might be a more consistent, better tool? Confirm if that’s true.




    Here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion :-)
    Some pretty cool themes here:


    BP is not really an out of the box solution to create a successful community in functionality and look you have to put some work in, there are some grat examples of what can be done but they have had time spent on them and require a certain amount of skills with PHP and frontend coding CSS ? HTML.

    Not sure what you really mean by a consistent website? bp-default isn’t a bad theme at all for an ‘out of the box’ better than most I’ve experienced but even with that theme you are meant to take it and make it your own.

    What are these ‘Sample sites’ you refer to?



    What a stupid question. Try a 3.1 install perhaps.

    ‘stupid question’ is a little harsh! :)

    Paul Gibbs


    This topic is pretty rude. Of course people have gotten BuddyPress to run “ok.” You’ve made a couple of posts on this site since joining, and they both seem to be about your dissatisfaction with the default theme. As @hnla says, most sites will want to customise the theme. The BP-Default theme lets you create child themes of it, so you can very easily and quickly put your customisations in place whilst maintaining functionality.

    The third-party market for themes (free or premium) is limited, but that’s mainly because BuddyPress is a pretty new project as far as software goes. One of my favourite theme providers for BuddyPress at the moment is StudioPress; they sell a plugin called GenesisConnect which adds BuddyPress compatibility to a lot of Genesis themes —

    I’m closing this thread as it’s not very constructive; if you are really asking “where can I find BuddyPress themes”, search the forums or post a new thread asking constructively, and I’m sure people like @pcwriter will come along and share what they’ve found. If you’d like information about Pligg, I’d try their website or forums. When asking on a BuddyPress forum about Pligg, you’re only ever going to get any meaningful feedback from people who have recently used both BuddyPress and Pligg, and I’m willing to bet that’s a pretty small cross-section of users on this site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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