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Have a look at and give your feedback

  • David Rosendo


    Hi all!

    I have jsut developed a Buddypress site with alot of plugins added by me and wanted to get by the community and hear your opion on my site…

    You can check it out here:

    The concept of the site is:
    HumanEKO is a free online recruitment platform, that offers advanced features for candidates and recruiters that eases the process of finding the ideal candidate for the best positions.
    The biggest feature is the Skills that turn each CV unique, since the user can especify his level of experience on a specific Skill and also add his year’s of experience.
    I believe that with this type of info recruiters and created job offers can be targeted to specific users turning each user a UNIQUE candidate for a position.

    Every user can apply for a job opening but if he doesn’t match the requirement he will not be alerted of a job opportunity.

    Well guys.. give me your feedback on my site…
    I currently support Linkedin and Facebook and off course the classic register.

    Give it a try…

    THanks guys!

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  • ericrosete


    Wow! Great work. A great example of what BuddyPress can really do!

    I’m curious, what other plugins did you use when building the site? I’m guessing Advanced Custom Fields is one of them. Did you also create custom post types?

    I’m also building a similar recruiting site and I’d like to build member profiles just like you did.



    I really liked your website as per design, but the website requires SEO and SMM to generate traffic. The keywords need to be pushed up in the Google rankings through SEO for which you need to take help of an SEO Professional.

    I’m currently working over PST to PDFEmail Conversion tools for SEO, and may help your site in getting higher rankings too.



    Having a look at it now…nice site…hope it is coming up fine and earning you some $$$ 🙂

    … does it enable Boolean Search on the CVs ? If so, which plugin ? Any recommendations ?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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