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Have a New Issue? Then Start a New Thread!

  • Jeff Sayre


    Here are a few steps to maximizing your issue resolution in the minimum amount of time:

    1. First, please perform a thorough search on BuddyPress to see if your issue has already been resolved. If not then continue.
    2. Make sure that you’re posting in an active thread and that your issue is related to the OP’s issue. If you don’t know, OP stands for “original poster”, the person who started the thread.
    3. If your issue is not sufficiently related to the OP’s issue, then please start a new thread so as not to take focus away from the OP’s issue (otherwise known as thread jacking)
    4. An active thread is one that has recent activity, say within the past week or so. If the most recent post in the thread is a month or more old, then it is best to start your own thread even if your issue is identical. Why? Because with the fast-paced development cycle of BuddyPress, the codebase may have changed and the solutions presented in an older thread may be out of date.
    5. Do not post a related support issue in a thread that is marked as resolved. More than likely people will skip over it. Forum members who provide assistance may skip a thread marked as resolved, choosing to spend their time on issues that are still unresolved.
    6. When posting a support issue, please indicate the following:
    7. If you have not received any input within 12-24 hours, post a kind reminder
    8. Do not start another thread about the same issue if your first thread has no response, or not the response you were looking for.
    9. If your thread is a support issue, please don’t forget to set it to resolved once it is resolved. Also, make a final post stating what finally helped you to resolve your issue.

    By following these guidelines, your BuddyPress issues and questions will get answered in a timely, efficient manner. This means that you’ll have more time to create the next, best social networking site in the universe.

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