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Having trouble moving elements around in nav-wrap…

  • Joe LeBeau



    Hi, I’m having a bit of trouble moving the blue figure image and the “inspire” text. They are both located in the header.php and I used the <?php if(is_front_page() function for both. I am new to coding, so when I attempted to “move them to css” (ex. div span img { OR div span h6 { ) I had a little trouble nesting them correctly with css if that makes sense. I can tell that I selected them correctly with css because they move separately for a few pixels when I use the padding or margin properties. But as I want to move them farther, they begin to move together or push off of one another if this makes sense. Want I want to do is just be able to move these elements separately and freely within the nav-wrap. THANKS_

    (also using bp-default-child with the frisco themes files pasted in it)

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