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Header sent errors in blog admin

  • Edit// scrub this was after all the obvious and classic header already sent cause – uexpected and unrequired white space in files, my bad, looking beyond the obvious for some deeper reason :)

    Have a slightly odd issue with header sent errors when performing any action in admin such as saving / publishing new page.

    This is a clean install of BP 1.2.1 / WPMU

    Issue occurs between wp-includes/pluggable.php and either a functions.php file in a child theme or bp-custom.php placed in either /plugins or /plugins/buddypress/

    site frontend demonstrates no issues.

    Functions.php contains simply a few custom functions such as rk_signup_redirect(), sidebar widget registrations

    bp-custom simply contains an add_action to remove the Random menu

    Both these files were moved over from a earlier test install bp 1.1.3 and worked without issue.

    Selectively commenting out each function in both of the files to try and isolate a problem snippet proved negative suggesting a clash with calling anything from either file and WP admin .

    This has me confused and not sure what else I can try in order to rectify the issue, has anyone else run across this? is it reproducible? or have I missed something?

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  • Psyber


    I am running into the same issue. How did you find the extra white spaces?

    In a decent code/text editor you would see them as additional line numbers suggesting a line feed or carriage return.

    After my my closing php tag I had actually induced a carriage return which is white space which qualifies as browser output.

    I did actually copy your file locally and couldn’t see any obvious line feeds / white space so not convinced it’s the issue in your case.

    it is definitely in your functions.php file? you haven’t been modifying a bp-custom.php file as well ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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