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  • BuddyPress + bbPress + WordPress; 100% Responsive Design; Performance was a major priority; Custom data migration from Elgg to BuddyPress + bbPress; migrated 40,000 user accounts and massive amounts of messaging data

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  • Would be happy to help those who are contemplating a massive migration of an Elgg installation to BuddyPress + bbPress. We just did this and learned lots. The site we converted was large…40K VERY active users. 1.9GB database with massive messaging and activity migration from Elgg to BuddyPress and bbPress. All the hosting is done at We went through bumps with them, but all is good now. We had to make major performance tweaks to BuddyPress and bbPress to get performance to a professional level. Let’s just say our lead architect “wanted to take a shower every time he looked at the Elgg data model and table structure!” BuddyPress and bbPress was FAR more stable and understandable — thanks to the amazing WordPress community.

    That sounds pretty cool. Performance improvements to our database structure/SQL queries is something we started in 1.6 release, and have big plans for the future. If you’re willing and able to share your experiences with that aspect, check out — or create your own tickets if you found good performance optimisations in other areas other than querying members

    Did you write a script to migrate from Elgg to BuddyPress (something you could open source?) or was it very manual?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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