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Heavily mod a members page

  • Chef


    Hi, I’ve searched and searched and haven’t been able to find what I’m looking for for the last 2 weeks. Maybe I missed something vital altogether when first learning how to customize BP, but I’m also not well versed in PHP so I find things that look like Chinese to me.
    I’m trying to either create one page that displays ALL the information of a persons member page without using tabs to navigate through their activity and info. I would like to have the information housed in the Profile tab to be displayed to the right of the persons avatar as well as having things like “edit avatar” linked under a persons photo. I was told at WPMU that it’s a matter of copy/paste div’s and whatnot yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. All I can find is do_action type things yet they don’t return as php line errors they just don’t show up. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a chunk of info that not a damn person is willing to help me with. How am I supposed to learn if I have to pay someone $40 an hour to teach me?

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  • How am I supposed to learn

    Like we all did by practising then practising a little more, then a lot more, by constantly reading guides, trying stuff out, it’s a pretty standard paradigm in this business. If however you expect things to be a lot quicker than that you stand to be disappointed, hiring a dev might be an option if you want quick results.

    What you seem to be trying to do does not sound utterly straightforward, there are likely aspects that will be harder to deal with and most certainly not necessarily a copy/paste process.

    How you’re helped with this is debatable, what have you got thus far? Have you a page up where you can show your efforts to date so we can see where things have got to, see where you need help etc?

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