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Heavy resource load

  • bareguys



    The last couple of weeks I have been getting several 404 errors when working in admin and 500 and 508 errors. Today the site was unreachable. The hosting service TDM Hosting came back with the following:

    As far as I can see the available resources for the account have been temporary allocated due to the constant processes running from the account on the server. It seems that the website is consuming more resources than the ones allowed for the shared hosting environment, as according to the resource usage you have reached the CPU and memory limits multiple times.

    In order to completely resolve the issue we kindly advise you to consider reviewing your website and optimize it as much as possible, so it can start consuming less resources. Thank you in advance.

    I have latest buddypress and WP installed with Kleo theme and quite a few plugins. How do i start to narrow down exactly what drains the resources. The # of visitors are not very high.

    Any help/tips would be appreciated.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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