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  • hatndustrialguy112


    Hi, my Name is Chancellor Purvis. You can find me at @spectre.grimm on facebook. Well here is my issue.

    On the latest version of WordPress all of a sudden Buddypress refuses to work. I can’t even login to the website to remove it. I need a FTP script to remove buddypress to remove it as I need to be able to update I have used this script this module this plugin on 18 websites and never encountered this issue. But I install it to my clients page that is a christian worship organization all of a sudden on the newest version of WordPress it no longer works nor is compatible. I need this script fixed. I need a SQL script to remove buddypress before I lose my livelihood. As they have issued that if I don’t fix this issue within the week I’m losing the job. And right now I can’t afford the rent to lose this. I’m asking you to help me.

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  • djsteveb


    “need a FTP script” – tried filezilla?
    I use smart ftp more often, but filezilla is free last I checked.

    ftp in, download a backup of all the files.

    Don’t know what you mean by “SQL script to remove buddypress” – I would use phpmyadmin to login to your sql database, click export, custom, check ‘add drop table’ – and save a copy..

    then I would go to (via ftp or file manager in cpanel) – site / wp-content/plugins

    I’d rename the plugins folder to /plugins-hold – then create a new /plugins folder

    at that point you should be able to login to the site if you to sitename/wp-admin/

    I’d immediately check appearance – themes – change to default.. then start adding the needed plugins one by one.. if you find that enabled two plugins at once causes a problem – you probably have found the conflict.

    Of course it could be a theme issue, a corrupt database, a hacked site – who knows.. but that’s what I would do.. I’m not an expert, and double check the documentation at for making backups. ( )
    Hope that helps.



    The script failed catastrophically and buddypress has made it entirely impossible to even access the website. This is what I get

    So I need a way to remove Buddypress, so I can access my clients website. Its ridiculous how this script fails only after a single update. And now my clients are pissed off they cannot add crap to their site. So I need a way to remove this script from the website that will not allow me to login to the website.

    (This error message in your screenshot refers to some other plugin, not BuddyPress. But anyway:)

    To remove any plugin in WordPress, go into wp-content/plugins/ with FPT or however, and delete the plugin folder — in this case, BuddyPress.

    If you visit directly, WordPress should disable the missing plugin.

    If you happen to not be logged in, and so can’t get into wp-admin because of the error… you could edit something in the database with SQL, but it sounds like you aren’t technically proficient with SQL to do this (it’s easy to break something else), so the last option — and this is a nuke — rename your theme folder to something else, rename the entire plugins folder to something else, then you should be able to log into wp-admin. WordPress will switch to one of the default twenty* themes. You can then rename the plugin folder back and start reactivating them one-by-one, and then switch the theme back.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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