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  • m1k3yboy


    HI everybody! im a newbie at this plugin but i have wordpress 2.8.4 and buddypress 1.1.2 i believe. when i try to get to my profile or the groups via the upper menu, it keeps me on the homepage. i’ve been workin on this thing for a few days to get it work and i could use a LLLOOOTTT of help!!! so plz HELP!!!

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  • John James Jacoby


    Could be an htaccess issue, could be a missing functions.php file. Do you have a link to your site?



    here’s the link:

    if you click on any of the links like the profile one, ur stuck on the homepage.

    as for the hosting, i think its hostmonster i’m using.

    EDIT: im using 2.8.5 and just upgraded to earlier and it still does it.

    Jeff Sayre


    Make sure that you have a .htaccess file in the root of your WPMu install. Also, to better help you out, you need to answer the questions found in the thread to which DJPaul linked.



    already there. just checked my ftp.

    We would still really, really answers to those questions we keep linking you to!

    In the interim; it looks like you’ve got the theme in the correct place with its functions PHP. A google suggests that hostmonster allows htaccess by default. I’m going to assume you’ve been able to confirm that the htaccess is being loaded.

    More googling suggests that hostmonster is a subsidiary of bluehost, which we’ve seen problems with on this forum before.

    Was WPMU and/or BuddyPress installed via SimpleScripts?

    To quote myself from 5 months ago about bluehost problems:

    ...I have heard BlueHost supports only subdirectory installs as it doesn't support wildcard subdomains, so can you confirm you're trying the subdirectory install?


    Try removing your WPMU / BP install and databases and try reuploading/reinstalling manually, not using SimpleScripts. A search on this forum has revelead at least one person saying that their problems on BlueHost went away after they did a manual install.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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