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¡HELP! Advanced search buddypress pages

  • caaprichos


    Hello! Could you help me that I am going crazy with a problem that I cannot solve?
    I have the latest versions of wordpress and buddypress. I have a social network where I have pages that are assigned to a profession (accountant, administrative assistant, manager, HR) in each of the pages I have an advanced search engine with the (Name, City, Services), When doing the search I get the members page and what I need to leave is the page of each of the cities where you search, Example: Name (empty) City: Cuenca Services: (empty), instead of leaving a member page that leaves a page Of all the users that are in the city of Cuenca, if you add the services it would be a greater filtering but as a priority search in the area! I am using the Name Directory plugin but I cannot solve the problem.
    I don’t know if he explained me well! Can you help me!!

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