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help creating a website using WPMU/ buddypress similar to "

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    Greetings everyone,

    I am a member of Marin Professionals Association, which is a non profit community of unemployed professionals sponsored by EDD .Since April I have been searching and testing different formats of WordPress templates but recently in their website showcase, I found an incredible website: “”” that our community would really benefit from .So now I am trying to recreate our “” website with the same capabilities that” has.

    1) I have registered the domain ( and am hosting it with Godaddy,

    2) I uploaded the MUWP 2.4.8a version zip file to my godaddy account and unziped it.

    3) From godaddy I uploaded the BuddyPress zip 1.1.2 version and unziped it as well

    Please bear with me…as I have some questions that may seem silly to you…

    1. my plan was to create each page starting with the home page from a WPMU template and then add the sliding panels and user login capability similar to “””

    but the problem is I don”t see any templates available in WPMU. can you please help me to get started in the right direction?

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  • first question is, do you have buddypress up and running and does everything work like it’s supposed to (eg. forums/messaging/status updates/etc.)? also, are you on a dedicated server at godaddy?

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    Instead of downloading wordpress to my PC and then uploading to Godaddy(I ran into all kinds of problems that way…)

    On january of 2010 I used godaddy automated script from hosting control center to automatically install wordpress 2.9.1 into my hosting account. My current account detail in godaddy for is as follows:

    Domain :

    Hosting Login : wandilly

    Server IP Address :

    Dedicated Hosting IP :

    On January 2010 I also was able to upload the Current Theme to the hosting account in godaddy is called :

    Sliding Door 1.8.7 by Wayne Connor

    (A unique template featuring sliding images in the header based on phatfusion imagemenu. Look at theme homepage to see the menu in action – the preview does not work on!!!! Sliding images in header link to pages, or can be redirected using the Page Links To plugin. The theme has a comprehensive support forum to help you get started at

    As far as Buddypress, back in October of 2009, I downloaded the version of I downloaded the bpress 1.1.1zip version and uploaded to godaddy and then unzipped there which create a buddypress folder in the html directory of godaddy. Nevertheless, I also see another version of bpress zip (1.0.2) which was uploaded in January 2010…

    My website I was able to change the appearance of the sliling door of marinprofessionals but am not sure if it was done correctly. I would like help adding a directory capability and enable the creation of individuals blogs per each user registration…similar to what’s is avalable for the ”” website … During 2009 I have tried to get help/answers from dirrent forums but was not able to make it work, could you please help??

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    Andrea Rennick


    “and uploaded to godaddy and then unzipped there which create a buddypress folder in the html directory of godaddy.”

    The plugin folder needs to go in wp-content/plugins/.

    have you tried installing it from the admin area of WordPress? Go to the plugin menu and pick Install New.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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