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Help me out please

  • Mark080959


    I first tried to install buddy press on a fairly good running mitilingual (wpml) site. In a test run everything seemed to be ok. Wpml string translations brought up the right things. So i decided to install the thing. I installed and absolutely nothing happened. So i de installed, using the delete instruction inculding the adjustments to all the wp tables. And tried to reinstall after deactivating wpml. And again nothing happened. It didnt even create any table. I am no an illiterate. I know much about Mysql, Php, Ajax, Css etc. But i cant get this monster tamed. Please take me step by step or look into my site. I am ready to throw the whole bdpress and bbpres aside and never touch it again, which is not ok, so please help.

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  • Tammie Lister



    It’s hard to see what you are so a link would be very helpful. However, one site isn’t the same as another. What I would recommend would be to make sure before you install BuddyPress you have a ‘clean slate’ in sense of turn off all other plugins and make sure you on activating BuddyPress have the default BuddyPress theme (just at the start).

    If you could however if that doesn’t work, respond with what version of WordPress you are using and a link then perhaps more can be offered as help. Otherwise, unfortunately it’s hard to say what your situation is.

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