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Help! Member directory problems after 1.2.4 upgrade and then back to 1.2.3

  • It’s been a complete disaster. As posted elsewhere, because of a problem with an essential plugin, I’ve had to roll back my installation, restoring the backups which I made (always worth following your advice)….and all’s fine again with one BIG exception. The Members directory just doesn’t work as it should. And I just don’t know what to do….

    There are 202 members, and it will only display 92. I can only see 4 of my 7 friends (none if I want to see them alphabetically). If you try and display all the members alphabetically, there are only 11! The latest registrations show a bizarre mix. The search doesn’t work at all.

    I’ve checked the MySQL database – there are no errors being reported. All members show up in the Dashboard.

    I’ve taken all the plugins offline and put them back again, but it just doesn’t make any difference….if someone can help, I’d be really grateful.

    Further Update

    Group members seem to be showing up correctly in Groups. Under the Blogs tab, the latest post is being listed by each blog.

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  • I’ve fixed this. For whatever reason, the BP 1.2.4 install wasn’t completely overwritten. Everything is back to normal. I won’t be repeating the upgrade until I can be sure things will work as planned.

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