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HELP!! Member posts on front page

  • I’m new at this and very confused. I’m trying to figure out how to let members add posts to the front page. Only the posts I create (as admin) from the back end show up on the front page. Members can only post to the forums/groups. Is there a way to add a “post now”, or “new topic” button that will allow members to post to the front page? Or can I set forum posts to also show up on the front page?
    Heres a link login: test pswd: test

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  • Virtuali


    So you want to let all your members have the permission of creating new blog posts?

    If you want members to be able to create blog posts, but need your approval, set their account permission to “contributor”

    I guess thats what I want, but I want them to be able to post from the front end via a post button. Is that possible? Or is it possible for forum posts to show up on the front page where the blog posts are? Thanks a lot for the reply!



    There are several plugins (one quick post) that allow users to post from their buddypress profile.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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