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Help needed with launching site- Will pay

  • symm2112


    I am having trouble getting assistance and wondered if any other experienced buddypress users might be able to assist.

    I’ve seen some great implementations such as, and need some help getting the bp-dev plugins to work, namely youtube, as well as finding out what other buddypress users are using for things like media players for flv/mp3 or other useful plugins for a buddypress site. My wife has wanted to launch for almost 2 weeks but I haven’t been able to reach anyone from bp-dev to get an answer to the youtube question so I thought I’d reach out to these forums to see if anyone can assist.

    1. I need to find out why the youtube plugin isn’t working. All the other bp-dev plugins work including flickr but the youtube doesn’t show any images or proper links on the member pages.

    2. I need to find a media player that will work with wpmu/buddypress to handle local flv and mp3 files with a playlist feature. I notice that on, he has the ability to play video files on his site.

    I’m willing to either pay a develpper via paypal or donate to their site if someone can help me with this asap. If interested, please contact me at cmonci at swbell dot net. This is running all current versions including 2.7.1 wpmu, bp 1.0, and bbpress.

    Thank you.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    I’m closing this thread as it has to do with a request for services and not specific issues related to BuddyPress.

    If you are interested in providing your services, the contact information is in the OP’s thread.

    Please remember, if you need help implementing a WPMU+BuddyPress site or have development services to offer, you should post on the BuddyPress Job Board or directly PM a member.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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