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Help recover replies from a corupt database

  • chris963


    Good day

    I have one problem, I lost not all but some of my replies in the forum.

    The problem started when I installed WpFence it then broke my site and in the front end the replies were not showing. At the time, I could not login to the site’s dashboard, the site being https/, with a Worpress version of 5.3.2, Buddypress Version 2.6.4 and Divi theme.

    I then went to cPanel and disabled WpFence was able to login back in but still the replies where not showing n the front end. By then I discovered that even though I can now login but I can’t update the plugins. I then went to the cPanel again loaded updated Divi theme and BuddyPress buy then, the site was giving me an error of memory which all settings were correct.

    I the was forced to use the only backup of the site left, which was saved before migration using WPvivd.

    Now, some replies are missing and need help to recover them, if there is a solution to such problem.

    Thank you

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