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Help required for a startup to launch

  • Hello everybody! I am about to start a website and the beta version of the same has already been rolled-out. Though I have just began my marketing from yesterday, I have got lots of spam users. The difficult thing is, they are creating more blogs and topics than expected!!
    I sincerely request everybody to post their suggestions here. It will be beneficial to all the upcoming startups that will be powered by wordpress and buddypress. Pls help me out.. This is really annoying and preventing me to go further..

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  • @psivait Hello there, I faced this same problem when I started my website out. I can’t go through them with you right now as I am just off out, but drop me an e-mail and I will help you out:

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    What I am going to do for a while, is I as admin, will approve or disapprove membership to the site.
    That along with cache plugins.

    @b1gft: How to prevent members to post their articles in their blogs without admin’s approval? I want like, admin should read the articles before approving it to go for LIVE. Is their any plugin to do this task?

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    re spam: I would do a little research as there have been some lengthy posts on this question /issue here so dig those up and give them a good read, there are plenty of steps you can implement to reduce spam, however be aware that there isn’t much you can do about human spammers and they account for a good deal of time wasting these days especially if you allow for blogs to be created at signup (something I don’t personally think a good idea).

    As for approving multisite blogs as a single super_admin I’m not sure you can or should, multisite blogs are meant to be fully fledged blogs in their own right and the user that creates the blog is the admin. There are however steps you can take as the multisite admin to restrict what can be done on user blogs but that is more a question for WP than BP. If your meaning that you will have members on your primary blog that is running the multisite install and you want to elevate them above ‘Subscriber’ level to say ‘Contributor’ so they can post then that can be done and can and submissions will be ‘awaiting admin approval’ which you will see if you run through the options in the dashboard with perhaps a test user with a ‘Capability’ higher than ‘Subscriber’

    Thanks a lot for your reply. What I would like to see is, I want my members to post their articles in their own blogs! No issues! But, it should go to the approval stage first. Admins (In this case, I am the admin for my website) should be able to approve each and every blog posts to go for LIVE. Can I achieve this stuff using any plugin? I heard there are some plugins that can suit my wish list. If you heard of this purpose, please post the plugin name here. In the meantime, I am still searching for the one!!

    All I want to know the answer for the million dollar question..!!


    As hnla said, search the site or forums. This has been discussed a million times, and there is no point in starting a new discussion.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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