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Help with group pages and redirections

  • tirinorius


    I am new at asking for assistance in these forums. So, bear with me please. I am working on a WordPress site that involves BuddyPress groups as well as the membership system that PMPro provides. I am using these on the Kleo theme. I am looking to have a site that has many users who will make groups for their needed purpose. What I need to figure out is, once that group is made the user will send a link to the group they created to the guests they want to join said group. The guest that received that link will click on it and be sent to the group, however, they will still need to sign up to the site to access the group.

    What I would like to know how to do:
    1. The guest will be able to see the group (from clicking on the sent link) but I would like there to be a button on that page prompting user to sign up to the site to join the group.
    2. Immediately after registration, which will be a form on its own page, the guest will be redirected back or to the same group page as the link clicked.

    I am fairly novice at this kind of thing and not really even sure where to even start, so I hope that I explained it well enough and I appreciate any assistance greatly. Thank you!

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