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Help With Multisite & BP in Secondary Blog (Subdomain)

  • tjbrewers


    I will be configuring my main site as a multisite (WP 3.2). I also want to add BuddyPress for a Community Network. I’m leaning towards adding it to a subdomain, I’ll then have their blogs in

    1. When the user signs in at the main site, will they have full access to their account in (where BP is installed)?
    2. With BP installed on the subdomain, am I able to post anything back to the main domain, such as Who’s Online, pull community blog posts, etc.?

    Thank you, Tonya

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  • tjbrewers


    Looking at the document, does this mean I install BP on the main site and then through its internal settings, point it to my secondary site, i.e.

    I’m trying to make sure that users are still all synced (same users across the board) with one registration process, one account (to them at least), etc. At the main site, all I want them to be able to do is log in/out and comment. Secblog ( is where they’ll network, post on the forum, and update their profiles/settings. But the accounts have to stay synced between the sites.

    Is this possible? Just need some guidance for a BP and multisite newbie.
    Thanks, Tonya

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