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Help With my buddypress site

  • Dave Simpson



    I am in need of some help with 2 plugins for my wordpress/buddypress site, My site is aimed at kids aged 8-16 years old, as my daughter went on holiday with granparents, when she returned she wanted to use a well know social media site to keep in contact with her friends, worried about the content exposed to her i decided to have ago at creating my own, I am a Computer hardware/software engineer but not a programmer, I have tried all the social media script out there but when i found WordPress/Buddy press i loved it and have been using it for some time.

    I need 2 thing for my site,
    1. i need a plugin for the registration/activation process that sends and e-mail to a parent/carer email address entered at sign up informing the parent/carer thier son daughter has joined my social network site, with a customizable e-mail template.
    2. when Date of Birth is entered i would like a plugin that refuses registration if date of birth works out to be younger or older that 8-16

    I know regardless of what security you put in place you can not 100% stop wiredos trying to sign up but i am implementing the CEOP panic buttons throughout so kids can report inapropriate behaviour striaght to authorities, and i have knowledge as a parent to use discretion on content posted to the site, i can then make dessisions on weather to remove a user, i am also creating a parents section so if parents are worried they can contact us and we can look into thier childs content within the site. Parents can also use the CEOP button to report worrying behaviour. The loca media has also taken great interest in my project and are willing to give me interviews once the site is up and running as i want it,

    Unfortunatly i don’t have much money to spend on this project as i fell ill a year ago and i have been unable to work since, i have started this project now and i want to see it through, you never know it may become famous lol, i am also looking into ways of making my site more entertaining.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and any suggestions or help is much appreciated


    David Simpson

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