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Help with profiles

  • blu3shad0w



    I’m trying to figure out how to do something with profiles in buddypress and wondered if you would be able to assist.

    I’m a novice with all the buddypress coding btw…..

    I’ve downloaded the buddypress xtended fields plugin.

    What I’m after is the following.
    each of the numbers are different levels…

    1 Select game type
    Options would be MMORPG, FPS, Other.

    If other is selected then subject to admin approval it be added as an extra option.

    2 Select Game name
    So for MMORPG you would have Neverwinter, DDO, Marvel, Other.
    Again if other is selected then subject to admin aprroval it be added as an extra option.

    FPS and the others would have different options.

    3) Account Name 1 + Additional account
    If additional account is selected then it would display Account 2 etc up to say a max of 10.

    4) Number of characters.+ additonal character

    5) Character Name – text field entry.
    Class – Drop down field of say 5 options + other
    Race – Drop down field of 5 options + other
    level – number 1 to 60
    Date last updated.

    there is a plugin about conditional fields, but not sure if this can handle this? Also I shall look at doing a spreadsheet that might show better what im after.



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  • blu3shad0w




    help me with this?




    It’s a field builder plugin, not a filter, so no it wouldn’t help you. BuddyPress already do this (building fields and fields section) for xprofile component, so such a plugin is not to use with BP.

    Conditionnal fields is an old and remaining “must have” thing, but the state of the art is far away i guess.

    i would take a try over Gravity Form at your place.



    well the idea being is that I’m after creating a guild/clan plugin for the community that well kinda of sits on/makes use of wordpress and buddypress….

    There are some plugins out there, but they don’t go far enough in terms of the way they do it.

    If not create a plugin then well a how to so people can config it…

    In regards to the conditional fields plugin is there a way to alter it so that the lower level can be say a picture, a number, a text field that you enter…or are you restricted to just a set option that you already fill out….

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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