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Help with starting site, BuddyPress, bbPress

  • kallard


    I have JUST started setting up a site. The site is for teachers that are in a particularly type of job across our district as a resource for support.

    Here is what I want:

      some pages that are accessible to the public
      all communication between members be private and invisible to those not logged in
      a forum where certain aspects of our job can be discussed
      members can upload files (eg, lessons and schedules) that are only viewable by members
      member registration that allows for members to fill in certain information (like, what subject they teach and what school site they are at

    That being said, I have set up many WP sites, tried BP once about 5 years ago, but, essentially, didn’t need a social site at that time. Now I do….though I don’t know if it is really more the forum that I need rather than the social aspect.

    Anyway, I have used Ultimate Member on another site for registration. What I liked was that I could make a form that had certain fields that needed to be filled out. I need something like that for this site. Does BP allow me to do that on registration?

    I know that there are actually several questions here.

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