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hidden group invite link not working or mail not delivered

  • I have WP 3.x and BP I have once account set up: . In there is one hidden group. I sent out friend invitations to join that group and 12 out of 16 have successfully joined. The others either do not ever receive the invitation, though I’ve sent more than once and had them check junk mail. Or they receive it, click on the confirm to join, and are directed only to the home page and are never joined. Any clue?

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  • I figured out that you have to be logged in for the invitation acceptance to work. There is no indication of that. Would be good if the login screen popped up, or a message to the effect. This sort of confusion will continue otherwise.

    I need now simply to find a way to force enter the people who are not receiving the invite.

    Any one know how to place a member in a hidden group when they are not receiving the invitation??



    I’m experiencing the same issue with hidden group.
    I’ve created an hidden group and sent invitations but members don’t receive invitation.
    Any help on this?




    me the same problem… a private group works,,, but my hidden group doesn´t show any invite button anymore… it´s not safe to use this so far i think.



    @smiranda there is a backend group management plugin that Admins can use to physically put members into groups

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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