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Hide and show visibility of a user’s profile according to user roles

  • stephunique


    Is there a way to hide the visibility of certain parts of a user’s profile in the front end according to user roles, so that only certain user roles can see those parts? For example, I have a directory of members and they can post things about themselves in the profile, including their contact details. Obviously I would prefer that their contact details are not visible publicly to just anyone in general – to see their contact details, I would like the user to sign up as a a specific user role, log in, and then be able to see them. For example, you have to have User Role A to see the phone number of everyone in the directory, people who have User Role B cannot see them, instead they might see the field with a message saying “register as a User A to see their phone number/email address[or whatever the field might be]”.

    I am using BuddyPress 12.4.1 (but am on the BuddyBoss platform right now if that makes a difference)

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