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Hide or Remove “user not found” message

  • redequity


    Hello. My issue is when no user is logged in, my contact form 7 form fields show “user not found.” Some of my other fields using default, non custom, user fields e.g. [text* your-first-name default:user_first_name] don’t show (as desired) the “user not found” when user is logged out, or not a user of the site. Do you know of code, or setting, to clear out/not show the “user not found” message in fields when user is not logged in? I’m using Contact Form 7, Dynamic Text Extension, Buddypress and BP Profile Shortcodes Extra to achieve my desired form fields.

    Thank you!

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  • Venutius


    Sounds to me if the user is not logged in you should not be serving them the form, since it’s got functions that will only work for logged in users.

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