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Hiding Forums, Blogs and Groups links navigation in bp-default theme…

  • I’m looking to hide the Forums, Blogs and Groups links from the navigation.
    I’m using the bp-default theme currently.
    Is there a way to do this without having to re-write half the theme? haha

    Thanks a ton,
    Tom Veneration

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  • @Veneration; First, clone the default theme (there’s help around about doing that, and it’s pretty easy). Then edit your theme header.php template, where you should find the links. Any files you clone into a new theme override the default theme’s files.
    Hey mate, Thanks for the help.
    So just delete the php that lists the page links in the navigation in other words?

    David Carson


    You might try adding the following to your stylesheet first:

    ul#nav li a[title="Groups"], ul#nav li a[title="Blogs"], ul#nav li a[title="Forums"] {display: none; }

    Reference: Taming Advanced CSS Selectors and Attribute selectors at

    Haha, Thank guys.
    I’m more of a graphic designer and community guy than I am a code writer or developer.
    All the help is great.

    So just add that code to my stylesheet for the theme?

    David’s idea is best actually, as the css will just hide the nav links. My version is more along the lines of changing all the links, which I’ve done.

    Hey guys,
    I using CSS and it worked perfectly!
    Thanks so much!

    Hey gang,

    I am trying to configure BP so that I can move the links that show up in the main navigation (i.e. Forum, Activity, Groups, Forums) into a child listing. For example, I have an “interact” link on my main nav, and I’m trying to move all BP-related links under there.

    I’ve been scouring BP forums and can’t seem to find the answer without hiring a coder. Any ideas?



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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