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Hiding The Menu Tabs on the Profile Page

  • khanhhoa1102


    Oh my god right now…I just spent about 6 hours and visited just about every single page with codes and css to get ride of some of my profile links/tab things….broke my site at least one time…but FINALLY I have the solution so I am posting it here for the other poor souls like myself…you’re welcome.

    He uses CSS and its perfect and simple and doesn’t give 505 codes :/…

    a#user-settings, a#user-friends, a#user-groups{ display:none !important;}

    He also gives another way to do it permanently but we have decided to leave our functions folder alone for at least 48 hours…BTW…when you are editing for buddypress, which functions.php do you edit? Do you edit the theme functions or the wordpress functions or the buddypress functions…because at least one other site said the theme function, but if you change your theme, you obviously lose the fix.The other sites didn’t specify…so I’d appreciate that tip off if anyone knows..k great thanx :).

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