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Hiring: We’re looking for a BuddyPress expert!

  • Valdemar



    I run a music community which has grown rapidly the last nine months and I’ve hired a freelancer to help me out with CSS, BuddyPress related issues, adding functions etc. Unfortunately that person is no longer available, therefor I’m looking for someone to help us out!

    So, we’re looking for someone with:

    * WordPress & BuddyPress knowledge and experience.
    * PHP and html/CSS knowledge.
    * Communicates well.

    Also a bonus if you know your way around MySQL and general server issues.

    We generally need new features added, or bugs and errors sorted once or twice per month. Sometimes even more regularly. We’ve got a huge site update to be implemented soon as well! Payments are made per feature added/bug fixed and are discussed and set before each project. While this is a hobby project of mine I run a company building websites and platforms, so there is definitely potential to expand if you’re looking for work in the future.

    E-mail me at">

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