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Home bases have been removed.

  • I’ve now changed the URL structure of BuddyPress so it is a little more intuitive.

    All member pages are now at:

    All blogs continue to function on either a subdomain or subdirectory depending on your settings.

    This also means that pseudo-blogs/home bases are no longer needed for users. Because this is now the case, the original “give me a blog/just a username” option is now honored on the sign up page. Users can either just sign up for an account, or an account and their first blog.

    The changes should not break existing installations, however you may get some redundant tables and users will need to re-upload their avatar.

    These changes are now reflected on



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  • Hi apeatling !

    I installed buddypress on a test server 2 days ago. How to upgrade ? I just have to upload the code plugin ?

    And another question. I just give it a try on my install, and after creating the admin, i wanted to test with a normal account. The registration was ok, the only problem was that i had to create the homebase for this user to. The problem you mentioned on your post is this one ?

    If not, is there a way to automaticaly make it ?

    Thanks for your help !

    And all my congratulations for such a project :)

    Kunefr: Home bases are gone now, so you shouldn’t have any troubles with them. Also, if you use SVN to get the latest version, then you can just use the “svn up” function. Otherwise, you will have to reupload and overwrite the old versions.



    Awesome change Andy, thanks.



    Hei apeatling!

    Great work, but it looks like a bug: On my blog has users spaces in unsernames. So the profile side looks like this: http://domain.dld/members/Markus%20Zeeh/profile – but it doesn´t work. For the admin (username without spaces) it works fine. but not for the old Users with spaces. Can you fix it?

    Greetings! M



    So Andy, I’ve got some extra stuff going on in the Home base admin on my site. My question is now that home bases are gone, where can I put the extra stuff?

    phlux0r: What sort of options? There will be a “Settings” menu item introduced into member pages, perhaps you could place them there?

    I’m actually trying it. Thank you for your reply. It’s working great actually.

    If i can give you my minds about a some things:

    – Now that the profil is set to the /members/user link, it misses a link on the admin page to go directly on his own profil, just to see how it looks, you know, like a link just next to the Visit Site in the header of the admin.

    I don’t know what you think about it, it’s just a detail of course :)

    I’m going to use it and tell you if i see others thing.

    Thank you for this amazing project!



    Hei Andy!

    I will just ask, if you can fix the problem with “spaces inside usernames”. It was a old wordpress-installation and it is now a wordpress-mu installation with 200 users. In wordpress its no problem with spaces in usernames and thats the reason why the users has spaces (the old one). Now without the home.base the users get no profile. Can you inklude spaces and dots inside the …/members/… url. If not, must all 200 user geht new usernames :-/

    Thanks for your work!

    Greetings. M



    @Andy, if someone has an external blog they can specify the URL in our External Blog settings at themoment and their blog will be included in our site. Generally a member with an external blog would only register and not create a blog on our site as they can use their external blog…

    A “Settings” page under their profile would sound like a good spot for this…

    I guess I will wait a while longer before I attempt to upgrade our site with the latest BP changes as I see there are a few wrinkles to iron out :).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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