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Home & Member themes

  • jvinch


    I’m understand what Home and Member themes do but I am unclear on how to accomplish the following:

    Let’s say I have 4 blogs A,B, C, D. Let’s say these 4 blogs each have a different home theme A-Red, B-Blue, C-Green, D-Yellow. Nothing fancy so far.

    Now, instead of one generic member theme, I would like to create 4 versions of it – A-Red-Member, B-Blue-Member, C-Green-Member and D-Yellow-Member and to link those member themes up with their Home “counterpart”. In other words, when on blog A, a visitor would see A-Red as their Home theme and A-Red-Member as their member theme.

    Now, I found a setting under site-admin/buddypress that lets you “select theme to use for member pages” but I think that’s a global setting. Is there any way to accomplish what I outline above, without significant hackery?

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  • Members are on a global basis, you can’t tie members to specific blogs at the moment. The only way to do this without modifying any code is to use separate MU installations.

    You could achieve this with a plugin though, but it would require some work.



    Cool. Thanks, Andy.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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