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Hope to see new features

  • I am currently using Buddypress for my humble website start up. As I spoke to friends for feedback, they would like to see things like:

    a. able to highlight a member’s birthday is today..

    -may be a sidebar calendar widget that the mouse over a date, it will show the member/s that are having their birthday today or

    -may be the Avatar of that member will ‘glow’ or blink? hmm

    b. able to select from a series of virtual ‘gifts’ to express like saying hi, can I know you etc… (hopefully we are not creating tonnes of images but hey, it is good to keep the tradition of giving even in the virtual world).

    c. Voice clip for members to say hi, self intro etc. and who knows may be we can send a voice clip to another to say hi…hopefully the files won’t consume all the storage.

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