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    [Cross posted here and on WPMU forums).

    Hi all,

    We’re a charity setting up a network of youth groups, many of which we are already partners with. This means our social network will grow quite fast, (although we’ll limit signups to keep growth steady), but it will inevitably grow large with the photo, video, and podcasting abilities we will be giving users.

    With this amount of storage/bandwidth in mind, what is the most flexible, cost effective and reliable hosting provider we could use?

    I’ve been hosting my sites on Dreamhost for years and I’m very impressed with them, but will that be enough for this larger project? uses Amazon S3 apparently, is this a good way to go for media uploads perhaps?

    Anybody’s experience would be greatly appreciated!



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  • just my 2c :)

    I’m using for some of the wpmu/buddypress sites I’m building now. I’ve started with a 256MB slice, and will/can expand when needed to a larger/more slice(s). My configuration is/will be:

    – nginx instead of apache (implemented)

    – eAccellerator (implemented)

    – Multi-DB from (implemented soon, 256 DBs)

    – WP-SuperCache or WP-SuperCache-Plus (not sure which one yet)

    – offload themes to S3 (maybe)

    I would stick with a minimum of a VPS for your install. Either with a company that expands to extremely large VPS resources (like slicehost) or with a company that can eventually get you into a dedicated server if needed (futurehosting). Of course, I will give my plug if you plan on getting large really quickly of ( if you need large resources right off the bat.

    All of the things that PerS mentioned are also good to look at.




    Thanks for your recommendations, I’ll certainly take a look at Slicehost!

    I’m currently on Dreamhost, and I like their unlimited diskspace and bandwidth offerings – I’m looking at installing nginx and eAccellerator on there.

    Any other hosts/hosting configurations people would like to recommend?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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