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How 2 pass data from a “contact 7 form” to buddypress registration page?

  • Hi

    Would like to use Contact Form 7 to grab some basic user information, than pass the collected data to the buddypress registration form.

    Ex. Contact Form 7 grabs username, name and email than once the user clicks “send”, he is forwarded to the buddypress registration page (that register.php), where the respective values will be passed over (as previously grabbed by the previous form) and the username, name and email fields will be prefilled with the values previoulsy grabed by contactForm 7.

    What do I have to do so that register.php grabs the values of those fields, send by “contact form 7”?!


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  • actually I managed to pass the variables from form7 onto the register.php, but I need those values to prefill some of those extended user fields. As those extend user fields are built up dynamically, I am stuck …

    Any idea would be appreciated – this is now 100% regarding buddypress (I really hope this forum is not THAT dead …)

    Well, unless someone has happened to do this before and reads it, it’s unlikely someone is going to spend the time to figure it out. It’s not an easy copy-and-paste job.

    Any idea at least how can I change this:


    to smth like this


    The above does not work of course, but if there is a way to insert there the name of the filed, that would do, right?


    Anyone !??!?! This is most likely just a simple php issue, and of course BP, as one needs to know how that filed name should be called …
    All I need is to dynamically parse the name of the extra filed in that [] bit (to dynamically output the values for those fields if found in the session ` > so output smth like $_SESSION, $_SESSION, $_SESSION etc `

    I am not a programmer, and I could not find anywhere how that bp filed variable is called and how to grab that …

    Hope some one will react … can’t be such a big issue for a php guru :) … (well, my take at least)

    PS: anyone can please tell WHY do I need to try and post at least 5 times (apparently “I already “said that” – though I never did!!) untill a post makes it through here ?!??!? Puzzles me …


    come on guys, nobody ?!?! no php gurus here ?!? only desperate BP users !??!

    conclusion: no improvement with this forum, as dead as always … :-(



    Why not simply invite your contacts to use the normal registration process at the point of contact?

    hmmmm !??! I don’t think I need the network just for my contacts :)
    Simply need to do that, as building a multi-pages registration form seems million times more difficult than that and nobody here knows how to do that anyways :(

    So … the question is basically a php question about how to pull the values from a session and pre-populate the BP-extended form fields from the registration page with that.

    That’s no problem to populate stand-alone fields (like username or email for ex) the problem comes with those extra fields which are dynamically generated and I have no clue how to replace the values !??!?

    Seems like nobody knows ?!? Not even those who programmed that stuff ?!?!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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