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How are you managing forums?

  • bradcds


    Hi all,

    How are folks managing forums? Are you using BBPress?

    To me BBPress seems like what ultimately works best with Buddypress.

    I was once a BuddyBoss user and the bloat was slowing down my site and then not playing well with a theme I transitioned to for speed.

    How are you managing forums along with groups?

    Many Thanks!

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  • jgasba


    (damn the spam on this forum seems constant, that’s frustrating)

    I’m using BBpress.
    In fact the website I’m working on used BBpress and i’m trying to integrate that and Buddypress (that I enabled mainly to add private message to the website).

    bbpress has the advantage to contain templates that work directly when you enable both plugin.

    I’m trying to pull all the information from both bbpress profile and buddypress profile to an existing custom theme profile page but that’s the challenging part.



    Yeah I like the more default connection they have. WBcom might have plugins to help you with the profile piece.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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