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How big is your biggest community – and do you have special hosting setups??

  • vee_bee


    I have helped setup a private Buddypress site, making numerous enhancements to the site.
    The initial upload of user accounts means there is around 10,000 on file already. The potential is that a number of these (in the immediate short term) maybe 50-250 will upload additional user accounts, ranging from 10 to 250 users. SO the potential is that very quickly the site will have 2,000-4,000+ users active almost daily.

    I am very conscience that this will require adequate bandwidth and hosting space. The last thing we need is the site having issues due to 500 people all accessing the site at the same time – which is a highly likely possibility.

    How large is your largest community, and what sort of hosting do you have it setup on? What sort of backup and admin practices do you have in place??

    Thanks heaps in advance…

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  • any replies would be greatly appreciated ! i am interesting in this too…




    me too !!



    Profiles don’t hardly do anything to the bandwidth at all. You could have 10,000,000 users, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

    Just standard hosting, with unlimited bandwidth, like bluehost or godaddy is just fine, nothing else is required.

    If you really had 10,000,000 users, most likely, only 2,000 or more would actually considered to be “active”. So, buddypress is smart, if the user hasn’t logged on for over a year, the system removes the user from everything, but temporarily puts the account on “hold” if you would say, like a dormant account that isn’t using any space at all. It’s very unlikely that you have 10,000,000 active users, but it’s possible, and I still don’t see any issues.

    Any idea how long I will survive on GoDaddy shared hosting with only 100 – 200 or so users? Is dedicated hosting at GoDaddy better or worse than any other hosting solution?



    @Virtuali – thank you for detailed explanation

    The only thing that matters is traffic. If your active users visit a lot, then yes – eventually you woudl need dedicated. Anything over a couple hundred I woudl use at *least* a VPS with 512megs of RAM. At the very least.

    If I were dead serious, I would start on a dedicated box.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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