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How can i change the background of the search&login bar in bpmember ?

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    how can I change the backround of the search & login bar in bpmember at the top of the page with an *.jpg or *.gif ? I have attached a screenshot which shows the colored place which should be placed with the *.jpg or *.gif bg.

    Can you help…

    Well the code for that in the base.css is:

    #search-login-bar {

    border-top: 0px solid #f7740a;

    background: #fff9df;

    padding: 7px 20px;


    how can this be usable ? How must the code be if the bg is search-bg.gif

    the color ‘fff9df must be changed in the search-bg.gif

    who can help ?

    thx in adv.

    best regards


    Here is the screenshot in the german forum:

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    Paul Gibbs


    Hello Baraber

    It seems like you are quite new to CSS. I suggest you get a copy of Firefox (if you haven’t already) and also Firebug, then with Firebug, you can make changes to CSS in realtime and see if they work as you want.

    p.s. try starting out with

    background: #FFF9DF url('myimage'gif') no-repeat fixed bottom left

    I’ve just out of bed so am still half-asleep, but it’s something like that.

    p.p.s couldn’t see your image, as it required log-in to that forum.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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