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How can I give “editor” role the ability to “mark as spammer”?

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    How can I give users with the “editor” user level/privilege the ability to have the admin drop down option on the front page to “mark as spammer” like admins?

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  • buddybar or admin bar?

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    this is exactly what i need to do @djpaul any ideas? i tried installing the role scoper plugin but i’m not seeing any permission that would allow an editor or any role for that matter to mark user as spammer ….on a sidenote i found a plugin to add that option back to the admin bar (did mark spammer totally disappear in 1.7?) so that if i can get editor role working they can easily mark spammers from the admin bar

    any advice would be greatly appreciated i can’t be the only one facing the issue of having to either give admin access to users who really should not have admin access or just deleting every spammer myself every day

    what options are there?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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