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how can I make different widget style ?

  • baraber


    Hi all,

    how is it possible to create different widget styles so that each widget can ex. have a

    seperately backgroung ?

    How and where must the be some changes made ?

    Best regards have a nice day


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  • The short answer is yes. But it does get quite more complicated to more you customize your widgets. Take the bphome theme, for example, where you have your left, center and right columns (IDs). Each one of those has its own classes, so that’s another place where you’d modify your styles — plus, you can always add more classes for your widgets (you’ll definitely need to know some CSS for all of this). My best advice to you would be to download Firebug for Firefox, so that you can make realtime edits to your site. If all fails, leave another post on this forum and I’ll try to help you out more =)



    Hi Mike,

    well I´ve read your message an must tell you, that I´m very impressed about your knowledge about bp and css….

    I a big project and there must be some customizing on the bp. Can you get in contact with me about icq or other so we can check it out ?

    My icq is: 474344603

    Hope to hear from you and looking forward to you soon reply..

    best regards and have a nice day


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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