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How do I add a new Blog with buddypress theme

  • diego r.


    How do I add a new blog with a buddypress theme. Like the main blog that is already pre-made after installation.

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  • JJJ


    I’m afraid I don’t totally understand the question, and I don’t want to throw guesses at you.

    Can you clarify?

    diego r.


    Okay so here is a perfect example…

    Notice how there blog looks there.

    Thats the main website blog. Now how do you get other blogs on the website to look like that, you know with the side bar and all look of buddypress

    Michael Kuhlmann


    if you’d want members’ blogs to have that same look as the main news blog (if i’m understanding correctly), you’d have to create a third theme for your members’ blogs…. but you could def reuse lots of elements from the bp home theme to create it. so you have 3 themes: 1) bp home, 2) bp members, 3) bp members default blog — and you would probably have to rename that theme “default” since each members’ blog uses that theme upon setup. again, hopefully i understood your question correctly.

    diego r.


    Thank you for the reply.



    This is something i was wondering about, the question i have is how to create this default blog?

    Do i have edit the new (copy of bp_members) or is this something that can be done via CP?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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