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How do i disable case sensitivity for username?

  • Justin


    Is there a way to disable case sensitivity? Like so that it doesn’t matter how a user registers their name. I want a single username to only be registered once, even if the casing is different. Also, how can i ignore the casing? The default settings makes the usernames all lowercase as a requirement. Can i disable this? Thanks

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  • stwc


    Yeah, this is an annoyance, and a WordPress thing as opposed to something that can be changed in BP. Users can, of course, case their display names however they like, but the actual login must be lowercase with no non-alpha characters. And Buddypress will only send @notifications to the login name, as opposed to the display name. (In other words, @moddedlife will notify you, but @Justin won’t, and may send a notification to completely the wrong person, if it works at all) I’ve reported other issues surrounding that too, but since the redesign of this site, I can’t find anything, or I’d link to it.

    The login/display name thing is suboptimal and potentially very confusing for users, but I don’t know if there are any plans to do anything about it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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